Three’s a crowd

As a photographer when you’re faced with three happy, lively dogs it can feel like you’re dealing with a pack. Being in a park certainly added to the fun. So many sights and smells. Treats and my cat impressions didn’t make too much of an impact!

africanis german shepherd mix dog

First up – Clyde, who I would say is the ring-leader of any mischievous business going on. Of dubious origins – definitely Africanis with perhaps a bit of German Shepherd thrown in. He’s a huge failure, but a good one. Mum couldn’t bear to hand him back after fostering him for a while. He’d made good friends with other dogs in the home, so a Foster Failure he became .

Border collie mix breed portrait

Next we have Sam and oh dear, another failure here. Originally a loved, but sadly neglected companion to a vagrant he was taken off the streets and handed in to be fostered. He now spends every night in a warm bed being cuddled by humans. A lovely friendly chap. He would have been a foster fail with me too!

Aussie dog portrait

At lastly we have Ben the Aussie, who joined this particular household when he was two years old, having come from an abusive household. To this day he is still wary of men and dislikes having the top of his head patted. Happily he is now very content and well cared for, having been with this household for 6 years now. I love happy endings.

two canine friends in the park

You wouldn’t think it, but Ben the Aussie is the boss man in this partnership. During our shoot Clyde would quite happily have caused trouble with every passer-by (dog, that is) but at home he toes the line .

brother and sister in park with black dog

Two of the humans in the family, with Sam the socialite dog.

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