Skyla the Great Dane

Skyla -fondly known as Scully – has a story to match her lovely long legs.

Scully was rescued from a puppy farm in Bloemfontein and flown to Cape Town with her two brothers. These are a few pics supplied by Lynda, her present owner, of some of the early days. The top right-hand image shows the pups being fed ‘pap’ (porridge) mixed with sawdust to make the puppies feel full!

Great Dane puppies at puppy farm

Lynda took Scully on as a foster for Great Dane Rescue and…. you guessed it – the pictures say it all.

Lynda is a certified dog behaviourist and runs a successful dog training school in Pinelands, Cape Town.  

As Lynda was teaching at the time when Scully joined the household,  her husband took her through the puppy classes at Dogzathome. At about 12 months old, they realised that Scully had a special gift, in that she was somehow able to calm other dogs down – even very nervous ones that barked in her face!

Great Dane in a field

Lynda now uses her as a ‘therapy dog’ to help with troubled dogs that she comes across in her day to day business and at the training centre.

In most cases she gets them to play with her within a very short space of time.

I still have to get myself and my camera in on one of those sessions !

Great Dane undergoing training

But it’s not all work and no play – Scully has her own personalised training sessions once a week and is learning lots of new tricks. She has also made lots of human friends at a local Retirement Home, and the residents there really look forward to her visits.

Black Great Dane with owner in field

The more familiar I become with this breed, the more I love their laid back, gentle nature.

In Lynda’s own words when referring to her own gorgeous Skyla ~

“Her temperament is the best anyone could hope for, a true gentle Dane.”

Black Great Dane in the grass

I have an idea this lovely lady is pretty happy with way things have turned out. From a puppy farm and an uncertain future to a loving home where work and play are one and the same thing.

The grass is certainly greener !


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