Fun puppy photoshoot – with a French Bulldog

I first met Spencer the French Bulldog last November when he was not quite eight months old. I’d never come face to face with the breed before and I was a little unprepared for how solid they are for relatively small dogs.

Fun puppy shoot 01

We had to endure about ten minutes of zoomies and craziness before I could even consider taking my camera out. Like most puppies, Spencer is a bundle of energy and it’s very easy to get bowled over by this solid little body. But it’s all part of a fun puppy photoshoot.

Fun puppy shoot 02

Spencer soon worked out that he and my camera get along just fine and as long as the treats keep coming he’ll do whatever it takes. Thankfully the garden was pretty small so it wasn’t too difficult follow him around and catch the odd quiet moment.

Fun puppy shoot 03

His huge personality ensures lots of love and attention from everybody who meets him. There’s no doubt that Spencer is the apple of his mum’s eye. She says she didn’t realise how empty the house was before Spencer arrived on the scene. During the day, when his humans are at work, he gets to spend the day with Granny so he is never short of human company.

Very smart looking French Bulldog posing for a Valentine's day picture wearing a red bow-tie

Fast forward a couple of months to early February and Spencer agreed to be my Valentine. This was serious business as you can see – serious face and bow-tie set the scene, followed by slobbery wet kisses and treats. He is still the same exuberant puppy but now listens to some commands, such as ‘sit’, which is particularly useful in the modelling business.

Adorable french Bulldog puppy lying on the lawn with a red rose between his teeth.

Spencer does the debonair Richard Gere look beautifully, ‘tho to be fair I don’t think Richard Gere ever held a rose between his teeth. I also won’t tell you what my rose-pen prop looks like now. Let’s just say it was well worth it.

Close-up image of the face of a French Bulldog with his mouth open and wearing a red and white bandana

Thankfully this little charmer lives just across the road, so I hope to be able to book his time for a fun shoot or two in the near future. With Easter coming up I have visions of bunnies and fluffy yellow chicks plus a French Bulldog. Watch this space.

Would you be keen to have a low stress, fun photo shoot with your favourite family member in your own garden? Feel free to contact me here and we can custom make a plan for you.

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