Home Photo shoot ~Padma & Leo

A photo shoot is daunting for anyone, especially if you’re the one in front of the camera. Despite the age difference these two gorgeous pooches cooperated really well. They had both had hair do’s just before their camera debut so a little bit of showing off was in order. We decided to stay on the home turf for their photo shoot.

Beautiful mature white and brown dog lying in the grass with plants in the background posing for a photo shoot.

Padma, the grand old lady took everything in her stride. She wasn’t too keen on instruction so I pretty much had to be camera ready when she settled in a good spot. Being a little deaf also rendered my cat impressions pretty useless. Still, the thoughtful, faraway expression suited her character.

Young white terrier dog with pricked ears lying in the long grass posing for a photo shoot.

Leo looks like he’s trying the same faraway look, but if the truth be told he had actually heard strange noises coming from the other side of the fence. This four year old puppy was a lot livelier than his big sister but we think the grooming session had relaxed him quite a bit.

Cute white terrier dog reclining on a cushion on a wooden chair in the garden posing for a photo.

Whoever it was that said chairs are not for dogs, never met Leo! Chair + cushion + Leo, in a beautiful setting equals a pretty nice pic. Leo agreed!

A big white dog and a smaller white terrier l\posing together on the grass in a lush garden posing for a photo shoot

Padma & Leo were both adopted from the Animal Welfare Society. Their adoptions occurred some years apart but you’d swear they’d been family forever.

Beautiful fluffy white swiss shepherd dog lying comfortably in front of owners legs for a photoshoot

You can tell that Lady Padma rules this household. Once she decided she’d had enough of strutting her stuff (even if it was mostly lying down), then my time was up. Photo shoot over, but I got what I came for and more, in the form of lots of doggy cuddles.

If a photo session for you and your pets in the comfort of your own surroundings is something you’d like to chat about just drop me a line and we can discuss further.

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