Double the cuteness ~ Pekingese photoshoot

As any dog owner will tell you, dogs – or any pets for that matter – are a huge commitment. Darren and Lesley decided to wait until they were properly settled into their first home before they began the search to find the perfect furry companion.


Lesley had a couple of requirements. The incumbent furry family member had to be a rescue and he/she had to be past the puppy stage due to the fact that puppies find homes a lot quicker while older dogs often get overlooked. After some research they decided that a Pekingese would be the best breed to fit in with their lifestyle.


As Darren and Lesley were busy planning a trip to Johannesburg to visit a rescue organisation there, a pair of Pekes came up for adoption on the Furry Friends Facebook Group right here in Cape Town. (I don’t believe in coincidence!) It didn’t take much convincing to prove that two is definitely better than one and if the pics haven’t already given it away their home gained not one, but two fluffy bundles of cuteness.


So let me introduce the very debonair Gus, who at three years of age left me in no doubt as to who’s the boss. Once we got the formalities over with he went on to be the perfect gentleman and model.


Two-year old Molly came across as a typical introvert. She was very chilled on our shoot day, to the point of dozing off during all the action! However, I have seen footage of Molly terrorizing poor Gus while he tries to snooze, so don’t be fooled by that sweet exterior!


A week after the first meeting Darren and Lesley found themselves proudly owned by two very lucky Pekingese. The settling in period was followed immediately by Lockdown which delayed our shoot by a few months. But in that time these two cuties made themselves fully at home. It’s as if they’ve always been there. Lesley sums it up perfectly – “They are just the best, and we love them to bits.”


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