Not all cats are equal

Cats make the most interesting and delightful photographic subjects. They are just so expressive with their big luminous eyes and whiskered noses. Kittens come across as playful and curious whereas the older cats can be aloof and sometimes can’t be bothered to give you the time of day. But it’s all an act. They all love a cuddle as much as the next guy.

Black and white cat playing with toy

In my photographic adventures with cats I was lucky to make contact with an organisation called Capetonians Against Animal Abuse or CAAA .They are a volunteer based, non-profit group helping animals discarded by society. They mainly work with cats and kittens but won’t turn away the odd dog from time to time. As they are not a shelter, the cats and kittens are fostered by various cat loving people until they are able to find permanent homes.

Portrait of tabby kitten with green eyes

At the time of writing, this little cutie had just been adopted. I mean really! Who could resist that face ?

Cute kitten standing up on basket

Among those cats discarded by society are the ferals. These are cats that have been born and raised in the wild, or have been abandoned or lost and had to turn to wild ways in order to survive.

CAAA (and others) help with feeding and sterilisations, supporting TNR (Trap – Neuter – Return) Read more about this initiative. This ensures a better quality of life for the ferals and also prevents more from being born into such a difficult existence.

Portrait of black and white kitten with blurred background

Thankfully there are always unselfish, hard working people available to care for those that others couldn’t be bothered about.

I am always eager to use my comparatively meagre photographic skills to help advertise and promote these worthy causes.

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