Kitara the Pitbull

Lyn contacted me a few weeks ago to organise a photo session for her ageing Pittie, Kitara.

As luck would have it, Lyn’s parents have a beautiful Constantia garden that we were able to use as our backdrop.

White Pitbull in garden

Kitara is a rescue that Lyn took in about 9 years ago, so she is estimated to be about 11 years old. You would never think so. Look at that perky expression. It was quite a mission to get her to sit and pose long enough for a photo. She just wanted to run and explore, together with her mates.

Four dogs sitting in a garden

Here they all are ~ “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?” No – it was a treat being held just out of reach. This shot did not go quite as planned but I love the result ! The concentration on those faces !

White Pitbull drinking from glass

Every morning when Lyn has her Health Potion, Kitara is waiting eagerly for her share. Lyn wanted to capture the action even though it was late afternoon. Kitara didn’t mind. I think perhaps this is the secret to her longevity and good looks.

White Pitbull being hugged by woman

We managed to get her to stop the fun and games long enough for a quick cuddle. I just love the affection this breed displays for people, and Kitara was no exception. These guys have a bad reputation , but I saw nothing but happiness and affection in this lovely girl even with her furry companions.

You may have worked out that I love photographing dogs, and if they’re with their humans, even better. If you’d like to know more about booking your own personalised photo shoot with your pet you can get in touch with me here.

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