Foster puppy photography ~ Chrissy

Foster a puppy they said. It will be fun they said, and oh boy, were they right !

I’m a pet photographer and as such, you’d expect me to have pets of my own. Since the passing of my dear old staffie just over a year ago I have in fact, been dog-less. I argue that I get my fix on other peoples’ dogs and that is true. However, along comes a national emergency in the form of a 21 day lock down. What better way to spend it than with a cute little canine companion, and at the same time helping out a local animal shelter.

cute foster puppy 01

With 2020 coming to an abrupt halt for most of the world it is difficult not to panic over an empty calendar and the severe disruption to income. Chrissy has been a welcome distraction. She’s also become an unwitting model and a great outlet for my creative energies.

cute foster puppy 02

Scarcely ten minutes goes by without her making me smile or laugh or to exclaim ‘look at her now!’ All dogs are beautiful in my opinion, and all puppies are cute. Perhaps I am biased but I think this little girl is just the cutest and most photogenic pup ever.

cute foster puppy 03

Everything is an adventure, even when you are limited to one small garden. Gheckos on the wall or simply a leaf blowing in the wind – nothing is safe. Sadly I have not had the camera handy for every cute and photo-worthy incident, but some hilarious moments will stick with me forever.

puppy in the grass with snail

Can you spot the snail in this image ? Not to worry, fortunately this shell had long been vacated. Chrissy thinks they have been left in the garden just for her.

beautiful puppy portrait

Chrissy loves the outdoors and being in garden, but I have a feeling she will become the perfect lap warmer when the Cape winter closes in. She has already wormed her way into my bed in the chilly early hours of the morning.

puppy posing with ball

Whether she has found a permanent home here, or she goes onto another lucky family she has certainly found a permanent place in my heart. Thank you Chrissy, for being my little sanity saver during a very difficult time.

A wise man once said ‘This too shall pass’ , and it will. We just can’t be sure when that will be. We will certainly come through this with a greater appreciation of those near and dear to us, whether they have two or four legs. I will still be around to help to capture those special moments with your pets and family.

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