Family adults and children

Family Photoshoot – early Sunday morning.

Early morning is a great time of day for photographs, especially when young children are part of the event. There was no hesitation from this mum when I asked her and her husband to meet me bright and early at the park with their children.

Brother and sister children

These two were incredibly happy and cheerful throughout, possibly due to the lovely relaxed surroundings and partly I think because of the way I like to manage my shoots. I prefer to keep it as fun and as stress free as possible. Not everyone likes the camera but these two certainly had no problem.

Dad with two young children

Dad is obviously also a morning person. I just love this interaction between him and his children. I never did find out what secrets were being whispered in his ear!

Father and young son

The bond between a father and son is very special and these two were no exception. Although this is more of a posed shot, they are both relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

Mum and young daughter

Equally special is the relationship between mother and daughter. A gal always needs her mum whether she’s three or thirty-three.

Happy mum and daughter

It takes a while to relax in front of the camera and the best results come when those spontaneous moments happen.

Dad and two children in park setting

A beautiful setting such as this certainly adds to the picture. Luckily in my neck of the woods there are many such locations to choose from. What isn’t shown here is the stream where the kids went to play after the official shoot was over. But that’s another story……..

Family portrait on park bench

A gorgeous family. I’m so happy I got to capture these moments for them.

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