Dog Photography in the park ~ Willow & Pip

Willow and Pip’s owner contacted me shortly before Christmas. As happens with all our pets the years pass too quickly. She was seriously concerned that one or both of them may not be around next Christmas. So Christmas Eve saw us at the local park for a very relaxed photo shoot.

dog photography in the park 01

Dog photography can be challenging at the best of times but these two were very familiar with their surroundings. The local park is pretty much their home turf. The only challenge – common in oldies, both canine and human, was a little deafness.

dog photography in the park 02

Pip is the younger of the two. At the time of this shoot he was going on for thirteen. His mum tells me that in his younger days he was an agility champion and has quite a few awards to his credit. Sadly he suffers quite badly with asthma these days and his health is a constant source of concern.

dog photography in the park 03

The fabulous Willow looks absolutely ravishing at sixteen years of age. She even managed to co-ordinate her pink hair clip with the park backdrop. So stylish – a dog photographer’s dream!

dog photography in the park 04

When mum saw the images from our shoot she apologised for Pip’s untidy appearance. I beg to differ. He was perfectly turned out for a walk in the park. Plus, this is Cape Town after all!

bearded collie in the grass

I really enjoy photographing dogs in the park and in the outdoors. I think they like it too. So many smells and sights that even the older, lazier pooches are energised.

black and white image of owner and dog

At the end of the day, some wonderful memories were captured and mum has some gorgeous images of her precious Willow and Pip to treasure for many years to come.

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