Commercial Photo Shoot ~ Dogs & Food

When Nadene contacted me to do a shoot for an upcoming dogfood launch I knew it would involve a few dogs. However, what I didn’t know was that her gorgeous boys would be part of the proceedings too! What a bonus! Nacho the Spaniel was one of eleven dogs on the day. He loved all the attention, as you can see.


Toby was the cool active one. It was a pretty hot day in Durbanville on the day of the shoot. Toby was lucky to get in early before it got really steamy. He thought he looked pretty cool in the Jeep and we had to agree.


Back at the ranch it was down to business with Quincy the Bichon Frise telling everyone just how good the food is…er….was! Quincy went for a shampoo and set before the shoot and looked and felt like a big fluffy teddy bear.


Leila the gorgeous English Bulldog managed to get in a little bit of gentle exercise in between the work.


Work included tucking into a meal fit for a king. It’s a tough life but someone’s gotta do it!


The debonair Charlie was quite happy to model a cosy blanket while surveying the scene from his perch on a chair . Despite the expression he really was enjoying himself – honest!


Charlie’s little sidekick Izzy was a little overwhelmed by the whole event. Now, if she could just read the sign perhaps it would all be a little clearer.


It all became a little too much for Nacho who managed to find a quiet corner for a quick snooze.


Pearl worked out that the Jeep was the best place to be, far away from the madding crowd. Clever Pearl!

At the time of writing, the official Emperor Dog Food launch had yet to happen. Keep an eye on the website or find them on Facebook. The samples that were dished out on the day were quickly consumed so this could be your pooch’s next favourite meal.

If you’d like to find out more about having your own personal photo shoot for you and your pet(s) please contact me here.

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