Chocolate box puppies

There is just no denying that puppies are cute no matter what the breed. These Australian Shepherd pups go a step above. With a strong hint of the beautiful majestic dogs they will become, these puppies have in the meantime got the stoic stare properly sorted. These three are from a litter of eight lively siblings and this was a brief still moment captured before they were off on their adventures.

Australian shepherd breeding pair

The proud parents Olivia and Shadow are the reason(s) why these pups look the way they do. Olivia is the typical fussy mum, constantly checking on her lively children. Shadow stayed quietly in the background keeping an eye on proceedings as good dads do. Despite the name, Australian Shepherd is an American born breed, originally developed to herd livestock for ranchers and farmers.

Australian shepherd puppies playing

You don’t have to have a herd of sheep to have an Aussie, although it might help. They are high energy dogs and need plenty of exercise. Right now these guys get it from playing with their siblings and still being babies they just drop and sleep whenever the need arises. It’s quite amusing to watch. They go from dynamos to lawn ornaments in seconds!

Two Australian Shepherd puppies in a basket

We took advantage of some sleepier moments to get the ‘chocolate box’ shots. At six weeks it won’t be long before they no longer fit in the basket.

Cute Australian Shepherd puppy

One of my favourite colour combinations. Blue eyes in a dog is always so striking. The Australian shepherd comes in several different colours and yes, they do require regular grooming.

Lots of toys and things to chew. Fortunately I remembered to wear closed shoes on my second visit to this home. Needle sharp teeth and my toes are not a great combination! These dear little souls have been bred responsibly and are all going to good homes where I truly hope they live long contented lives.

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