A Staffie Story, and a Happy Ending

As any devoted pet owner will tell you, having a beloved pet go missing has to be the worst experience ever! For Zeus and Matthew the reunion took almost two years .

Happy staffie in his owners arms

Zeus went missing in February 2018 only to be found again in November 2019. Thanks to a tip-off and an angel by the name of Yvonne from PDSA , Zeus was able to find his way home. Of course, being microchipped was a huge help. Pop on over to Happy Tails Magazine. Here Matthew tells the whole story from the initial frantic search for Zeus, to almost giving up and then to his incredible recovery!

Red brown Staffie standing on the beach with the sea as a backdrop

Of course, Zeus didn’t look anything like this when he was found. I was only called in for the beach model photo shoot once Zeus had recovered his beach babe physique. The transformation is nothing short of incredible. At the time of this shoot Zeus was just about back to his old self with the typical Staffie smile.

Red brown staffie marching along the beach dragging seaweed

Nobody knows where he was, or how he managed to survive in the time he was gone and Zeus prefers not to talk about it. One thing for sure it seems like he is now in his happy place.

Happy red brown staffie on the beach with young couple

Now that he is back with his family there’s little chance that Zeus will go exploring again. Just look at that happy contented smile!

Red brown staffie running along the beach at the edge of the sea

Fortunately Zeus is still young enough to be able to put the bad times behind him. I’m sure he has many beach walks ahead and a second chance at a happy life. We wish you well, dear Zeus !

If you would like to have a personal photo shoot for yourself and/or your pet (even if your story is not quite so dramatic as Zeus’) please contact me here.

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